Cadet Program

Cadet Program

Engines roaring. Ready for take-off

The varied Cadet Programs have been carefully designed by different Airlines, based on their individual needs. Any aspirant applying to that airline must undergo this rigid selection process in order to get selected as a cadet. The Cadet Program allows you to acquire everything under one roof, starting from Ground classes till Type-Rating 

Stages of Cadet Program Selection Process
01 - Written Test

The primary selection stage of any Cadet Program is Written Test of 3 Subjects: Physics, Math and English. It is carried out to screen out those candidates who are thorough with their basic concepts.

02 - CASS

1. Psychometry
2. Multi-Tasking
  A. Physical Assessment
  B. Simulator Flying
3. HR Interview
4. Group discussion/ Group Activity
5. Personal Interview

Basic procedure to get selected in CADET program
1. CASS Flying

The CASS is a general evaluation of a candidate's personality, knowledge base and skill set. At this stage candidates have to undergo a series of tests, which can consist of psycho-motor capability test, tests involving basic flying skills, a test based on the pilot's abilities to multitask and simultaneously process information in a stressful environment.
The Aerodynamiks CASS setup, along with personalized attention and guidance from our qualified mentors, assures students of clearing the first level of the exam at one go.

2. Psychometry Test

Every airline, following their own stringent procedures, conducts a Psychometry test to evaluate an aspirant’s personality traits as well as aptitude. This test is a key indicator to assessing a potential pilot’s mental health, personality characteristics & behavioral attributes.
We, with a guidance under a Psychologist, train you in understanding these aspects and prepare you for the test.

3. Interview Preparation

The interview round, common to all recruitment procedures across industries, is a crucial aspect of the selection process. Airlines need to discern the verbal skills, confidence and capabilities of their potential employees.

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